Sunday, 1 May 2016

When space is an issue; Part 1 "Have you finished setting up your nursery?"

Erm, nursery? Not quite! 

I'm asked this question a lot, by lots of different people, and I feel a bit like an unorganised mess saying, "no we're not really having a nursery." Which k then have to follow with a whole explanation about the awkward layout of my house. We live in a 2 up 2 down Victorian semi detached. There's no hall way or landing. I think the kitchen and bathrooms may have been built later than the rest of the house. Access to the bathroom is through the back bedroom.

So we're a bit short of space in this house hold. But I love my house, I enjoy the challenge and it stops us from filling the house with clutter. It also means I get to spend hours trawling through pinterest. For the first 6 months we're advised that baby should sleep in our room anyway, so does he really need his own room just yet? I seriously doubt it. In the back bedroom (which was often used as a bit of a nothing room, it's been my studio/sewing room/office/music room) we have baby's wardrobe, my boyfriends chest of drawers, which also acts as the changing table, and a nursing chair.

Last year we cleared out the attic which is now the office/studio/music room come spare bedroom for visitors. Access to this room is also through the back bedroom. So putting a baby in there at this point would be a bit unfair and we'd hate to think we could be disturbing him every time someone went to the toilet.

We've considered a range of options for the future, I love this house so will try and stay as long as I can, but for now I'm pleased with the set up.

Some space saving measures we've taken comes from things we've bought. When you're tight on space it's no secret that ikea is your best friend. I bought this portable trolley to store baby's changing equipment, which looks like it's going to work brilliantly considering we're using reusable nappies. Apologies but I'm not too great at remembering what my ikea furniture is called.

I also found these small bowls at ikea which hang off the side of your changing table, perfect for topping and tailing the baby.

This wardrobe organiser also came from ikea and work perfectly well with the drawer organisers.

Have you had any problems with creating space for your new arrival? What space saving tips do you have, baby related or not?