Friday, 29 April 2016

Real nappies

We decided a long time ago, probably before we'd even thought about having a child, that having "real" or reusable nappies was the way to go. We've always been good at recycling and composting (although not so much since we realised we were filling the compost bin quicker than it could actually break it all down) but with two cats who mainly use the litter tray it felt like any way to avoid over filling the bin is worth investigating. We once missed the bin collection on a week where I'd bought lots of new things for the baby which came with non recyclable plastics, a week when we were deep cleaning and clearing the house too. It was difficult to manage making sure we could fit all of our non recyclable waste into the bin.

I was at a bit of a loss to begin with trying to figure out what was what with reusable nappies. The only ones I knew where the terry towels that I grew up on. But I had no idea where to look or what was needed. Is heard about a government funded site that (supposedly) told you all about reusable nappies, but to be honest it all felt a bit like jargon to me and j was still no clearer on where to begin. If anything it confused m even more as suddenly I learnt there were all sorts of different types of nappies you could get.

I decided one day just to see what existed in my immediate physical world. I took a trip to boots to see what they had. I discovered the brand TotsBots. Boots sold something called easy fit and some disposable liners. I still wasn't sure what I was looking at, but at least now I had a starting point. A local boots stocks some real nappy products, this was a decision maker for me as it meant if ever I needed anything in an emergency, there's always boots.

I went home and looked on the tots bots website. Things started to make more sense and to make it even easier for a novice like me they do trial kits and birth to potty kits. After lots and lots of reading descriptions and FAQs I decided that the two piece nappy set would be most suitable and financially viable for us. So I bit the bullet and bought the Peenut birth to potty kit. These two part system consist of a wrap, which (fingers crossed) can usually be reused with a clean pad at changing time. The pads pop in and out, you can change use more than one pad to maximise absorbency and use washable or flushable liners to catch the main offences.

The Peenut wraps are designed to grow with the child through the use of cleverly places poppers. According to the website they can be used on babies from 9lb onwards. So this left us to consider those newborn days. For the first few days we intend to use disposable (I hear those first few poos are like Tarmac). Tots bots make an all in one teeny fit to fit tiny babies in those early days, so we asked for people to buy us a nappy each for our baby shower (at the time they were half price). Unfortunately the excitement of a new baby means people want to buy you the things they like, which is lovely and we appreciate everything we've received! Although it does mean we've ended up with only four teeny fit nappies. But I guess that's 4 less nappies in the bin a day. (UPDATE!! I've just ordered 3 more teeny fit nappies as they currently have another discount offer, enter Gift50 at the checkout for 50% off. Plus there was free delivery on orders overs over £25 - before the savings!)

Humpty Dumpty design. Shows how the nappy grows with your child.

Anyway, back to the Peenut; I'm still a little confused about the washing process, I've had a sheet with a teeny fit nappy (bought as a baby shower gift) that says there's no real need to soak the nappies, but surely this would be best for your washing machine?

So I'm looking to you to share your experiences and any tips about using reusable nappies. What have you found works well? Do you soak your nappies? Have you used the Peenut system or something similar? How did you find it?